This is how much exercise your dog needs

Family tree. For optimal mental and physical health, cater to your dog's breeding-specific genetics, which span hundreds of years.

A quick game of fetch on the sofa or letting your dog do her business in the backyard don't work.

Without adequate activity, your pet will gain weight. As with people, additional weight affects your dog's heart and joints.

Sore joints reduce mobility, creating a cycle. Inactivity can lead to apathy for toys and training and significant health issues like diabetes.

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You must watch for indicators of overexertion because some dogs fatigue easily while others "can't-stop-won't-stop".

Jennifer Freeman, DVM, PetSmart resident veterinarian and pet care specialist, advises monitoring and listening to pets during walks and runs to avoid problems.

develop new friends, have fun, and develop memories that will last a lifetime (or long enough to spark great work stories the next day.)

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