Zodiacs Who Love Dressing Up and Pretending

CANCER Cancer enjoys showing their dark side. Being a caregiver, guardian, therapist, babysitter, and comforter wears them out. The weight is heavy. 

 They want to dress as Jekyll and Hyde for Halloween and become the reverse of themselves. Demure want sexy

CAPRICORN Capricorns love Halloween costumes as their opposites. They can breach the rules on October 31st if they're the perfect employee, friend, partner, or child the rest

They will pick a pirate, drug lord, or criminal who disregards civilization. Someone who lives on the fringes and does what they want without considering others.

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LIBRA Libra desires to portray a character. Their balanced personalities don't fall into any one group, but once a year they get to play the stereotype. T

They are doctors, nurses, spies, soldiers, construction workers, and firefighters. Someone with duties and responsibilities. The mission takes

VIRGO Virgo strives to embody their passion on Halloween. Their favorite figure, idol, and fandom. Their detail borders on cosplay, and it's possible the world won't

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