Zodiacs That Flirt Most But Are Picky

Sagittarius People think Sagittarius is unfaithful and wants to have “fun” with gorgeous people. However, they are naturally warm and adventurous within and outside

t. Despite their filthy comments and flirting, they know their limits and are teasers. It may dismay you to learn that the salacious

 To this philosophical sign, your incapacity to arouse them cognitively suggests you won't satisfy them physically. 

Taurus, stop encouraging others. As a Venus-ruled loverboy or lovergirl, you can't help but flirt with everyone you like and make waves. 

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Ah, yes. Your charisma is intoxicating, but your suitors may be disappointed to learn you're not “serious.” You flirt for fun but are a homebody 

Scorpio Scorpios are notorious for their intense sex drives. That doesn't mean you always follow through. You attract people with your mystique. They enjoy your sultry

 Despite your sexual experimentation and innate kinkiness, you are careful about who you bed, wed, and play with. You thoroughly “vet” your partners

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