Zodiac Signs' Relationships Improve First Week of November

Living with the mindset of never getting what you want creates lack.

This inner belief about events never turning out how you hope, or even in them being too good to be true, creates an energetic wave that determines what you attract into your life.  

Things are changing for you, but to fully enjoy the love and kindness around you, you must abandon the old stories that guided your path.

Things have been improving for you, but to fully embrace the love and goodness around you, you must let go of the old stories that guided you.

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Ah, yes. Your charisma is intoxicating, but your suitors may be disappointed to learn you're not “serious.” You flirt for fun but are a homebody 

Saturn direct heals these worries from manifesting in your life, which is the contrary of what you want.  

 Despite your sexual experimentation and innate kinkiness, you are careful about who you bed, wed, and play with. You thoroughly “vet” your partners

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