Zodiac signs most and least likely to get rich

Geminis are smart and lively. Unfortunately, their indecision prevents them from becoming prosperous.

Of course, not all decisions should be spontaneous. Gemini typically weighs the advantages and cons for too long, allowing others to take advantage.

Libras have plenty to give in making people happy and improving the planet. They're unlikely to get rich.

Libras have one fatal flaw when it comes to forging ahead: they are overly critical. Indeed, Libras tend to be very critical, both of their own abilities and the ability of others to help. 

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Creative Pisces want to be part of something new and groundbreaking. Overthinking typically hinders them.

Like their Gemini companions, Pisceans spend too much time weighing their alternatives and forget to act.

 Despite your sexual experimentation and innate kinkiness, you are careful about who you bed, wed, and play with. You thoroughly “vet” your partners

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