Dietitians recommend low-calorie, filling foods to keep you full.

Sugiuchi believes all veggies fill you up without adding many calories. Salads, pastas, and smoothies benefit from spinach's flavorlessness.

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

Celery, one of nature's lowest-calorie foods, should be eaten whole. "You get nothing unique by juicing celery, but you lose fiber," explains New Jersey nutritionist Erin Palinski-Wade, R.D. 

Compared to other morning foods, oatmeal has less calories. 

These berries include 8 grams of fiber and minimal calories. About a third of what you should get in a day.

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Palinski-Wade says low-fat cottage cheese has roughly 20% of the calories of most cheeses and is richer in protein, which limits hunger and boosts metabolism.

We think a big egg is a good deal at 70 calories for six grams of filling protein. Eggs can also reduce calories at your next meal, according to research.

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