The Most Horrendous Dog Breeds in History

Dogs, like people, have various habits, preferences, emotions, and personalities. Some are more distinctive.

The Telomian, a rare Malaysian dog breed, is tiny to medium-sized, stocky, and athletic. They have big pupils, a blue tongue, and a desire to study.

Catalburuns are scarce and come from Turkey's southernmost Tarsus province. Saddeningly, only 200 of them are believed to exist today.

Breeding Catalburun dogs without mating in other breeds to improve their genetics is nearly impossible.

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New Guinea singing dogs are one of the few dogs to avoid.

In conclusion, Teddy Roosevelt terriers are one-person dogs. While he gets along with other pets and kids, he seems to stalk one family member.

Shepherd dog in Swedish is valhund. Even though they have short legs, vallhunds are herders. This is why Vallhunds are called "the big dog with short legs".

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