You May Love These Medium Dog Breeds

These red-coated midsize canines resemble Golden Retrievers but are smaller and less popular.

Whippets, which are 18–22 inches height at the shoulder, resemble Greyhounds. They're speedy and need numerous intensive bursts of action each day, like chasing a Frisbee

They're couch potatoes and love snuggling with their owners between energetic bursts," explains Small Door Veterinary Medical Chief of Staff Jamie Richardson.

"If you love cute wrinkles and don't mind some stubbornness, bulldogs are a great breed," says Alex Willen, founder of Cooper's Treats.

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Australian Shepherds were initially raised to herd sheep in the American West.

 They need one hour of daily activity as a working breed. If exercised, they are easy to train, quiet, and good friends.

The mature Bearded Collie measures 40–60 pounds. "Born as a working dog, lively, and adventurous.

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