Cat Teeth Brushing Benefits

Let's examine why cat tooth cleaning is vital before learning how to brush them. Like human teeth, cat teeth need cleaning to stay clean.

“Brushing teeth removes plaque, an invisible, thin layer of bacteria and other material,” explains Cooper Pet Care chief veterinarian Dr. Patrik Holmboe.

“If left unchecked, plaque calcifies into tartar, a rock-hard, brown substance that sticks to teeth and is harder to remove.”

Dr. Holmboe says tartar is unattractive and full of bacteria, and if left, it can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis.

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After periodontitis, your cat is at risk of bacterial infection in the dental roots and bone around the teeth, which can lead to loose or missing teeth, gum disease, difficulties feeding, discomfort, and systemic infection.

Tartar on your cat's teeth must be removed by a doctor under general anesthesia, although frequent dental cleaning can reduce plaque. 

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