high-volume meals that helped me lose fat and keep it off for years

For weight reduction to be sustainable, the strategy must be sustainable, whether you like fasting until the afternoon, following a diet, or calculating macros.

You ate a high-protein diet to preserve muscle while shedding fat and being satisfied. In subsequent years, doing so has helped me maintain my weight.

Others avoid potatoes and carbohydrates when dieting, but they shouldn't. Whole-grain, brown carbs provide energy and fiber.

That's fine—not everyone likes broccoli. I mean it. It contains little calories, plenty of protein for a vegetable, and a wonderful texture when simply cooked.

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Fat-free Greek yogurt  is a wonderful choice if you're watching your calories since you can eat a lot of it for few calories and it's high in protein. The higher-fat version has a more delightful texture.

While movie theater popcorn is often covered in sugar and butter, it's easy to find lower-calorie popcorn these days which is lightly flavored and therefore low in calories. 

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