Is it possible for your dog to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet?

Most veterinarians would not recommend this route, says Dr. Simon. Dogs are omnivores and can consume meat and plants.

They like meat and need a lot of protein, especially while growing or active.

If you want your dog to be vegan or vegetarian, talk to your vet about feeding him a balanced, high-protein diet.

Since proteins vary, choosing the proper meal composition is crucial. Eggs, with their full proteins, are beneficial for dogs.

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Many plant proteins are incomplete and difficult for dogs to digest. Plant-based diets are lower in fat than meat-based ones.

A few pet food manufacturers sell pre-packaged vegan kibble and canned wet dog food, making it easier to buy than DIY.

One serving (1/2 cup chopped) of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or kale will trim and improve your health.

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