Zodiacs worth a night out this week (October 23–29)

Taurus Your default mode is hometime. Thanks to being the zodiac's homebody, you like staying comfortable. However, performing the same activity every day might limit

Go out once this week to break the monotony. A trip to your favorite movie theater to see a Halloween movie could fuel you for the week.

Virgo Without a night out this week, you'll be closer to a breakdown. As usual, you're working hard, but the longer you don't break, the worse it gets. 

You've worked hard enough. You deserve it. Text the group chat to suggest a night out. Drinks at the pub, dancing, a party at a friend's house

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Scorpio Scorpio season and Halloween's spookiness make this your season. You deserve one Halloween night this week. Attend local Halloween festivities or a friend's

Pisces You never turn down invitations, although you sometimes feel fatigued. Avoid saying no to everything this week to stay home and relax.

develop new friends, have fun, and develop memories that will last a lifetime (or long enough to spark great work stories the next day.)

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