Easy-to-Train Dogs That Are Obedient

Border collies are named after the Scottish border region and the term for sheepdog, collie. They are bright and lively.

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Many guide dogs, service dogs, watchdogs, and herding dogs are German shepherds. Animal behaviorist Mary Burch, PhD, claims these dogs are the simplest to train for job and family

This American Kennel Club toy dog is tiny and light. Papillons are recognized for their personality and perky, fringed, butterfly-shaped ears (papillon means "butterfly").

American Kennel Club polls show Labrador retrievers are America's most popular dogs. Labs have also won the club's National Obedience Championship for years, according to Burch. 

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Golden retrievers are joyful, affable, and smart sporting dogs. They are among the most well-behaved and trainable canines.

Happy, friendly border terriers like working, which helps obedience training. "They're good-tempered, affectionate and easy to train," Burch.

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