Traditional Stew Recipes from Grandma

The stew my mom made when I was little was always a hit. I can make it on the weekend for our kids, who love soft dumplings, because it's quick.

Boeuf bourguignon has been a family staple for centuries. A meatless option was desired.

My beef stew is wholesome comfort food. I substitute lentils and red quinoa for potatoes.

My Grandma Inky, who was from India, taught my mother this recipe, who gave it to me.

"For a unique Southwest meal, try this quick and easy entrée," suggests Greeley's Karen Gulkin.

Share your family recipes! My mother created this Hungarian goulash dish for us after my grandma made it for her as a child.

Potatoes, carrots, and bratwurst slices are covered in a thick sauce. I modified a newspaper baked stew recipe.

Traditional French cassoulet takes hours to make. This quick version of the rustic cuisine tastes cozy.

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