Clear Signs of Sugar Overconsumption

Sugar intake should be drastically reduced, according to the WHO. The WHO recommends 5% additional sugars, down from 10%.

Like an eight-ounce bottle of sweetened lemon iced tea, this amounts to six teaspoons of additional sugar per day. Americans consume 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day, almost triple the WHO recommended.

Identify signs that you may be consuming an excessive amount of sugar, and then devise strategies to reduce your intake.

If you're trying to cut down on your sugar intake, try these simple alternatives.

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Consuming too much sugar might damage skin. A high-sugar diet may worsen acne, according to a Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study.

You may experience an afternoon energy dip if you consume a large bagel with jelly for breakfast or lunch, which is high in hidden sugar but low in protein, fiber, and fat.

Imagine kids eating too many lollipops or jelly beans and getting cavities.

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