Top guard dogs that make great pets

Rottweilers are often thought of as guard dogs. Rottweilers are often used as ferocious guard dogs in movies. These dogs can also be very gentle.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are great for people without room for a large dog.

Don't be fooled by Dobermans' slender appearance. This breed is terrifyingly swift and strong. Their bravery makes them great home guard dogs.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is similar to other retrievers, but its wavy coat distinguishes it.

If you've seen a Bullmastiff, you know why they make good security dogs

These dogs are more than pretty. Though beautiful, they make great crime partners. Australian Shepherds are bold medium-sized canines.

Akitas are big, strong dogs. Since they were developed as guard dogs for Japanese royal families, they know how to safeguard a home.

Caucasian Shepherd Due to their protective instincts, dogs make great guard dogs. They were naturally bred to guard flocks.

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