Top Dog Breeds of the Year

Getting a dog involves several decisions. There is a dog for everyone, from rescues to purebreds, and many need a loving home.

The American Kennel Club lists the most popular dog breeds in the US.  Which popular breeds do you prefer? 

Bloodhounds may track smells for miles, making them hard to walk, so you must be fit too. This breed is kind, loyal, and easygoing.

Dalmatians are famous for their spotted coats and fire dog heritage. They're born athletes with powerful bodies bred to defend horses and instructors.

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Get wild with Australian cattle dogs. They're distantly linked to fast-moving Australian dingoes. Australian cattle dogs are fast, nimble, and robust.

Bichons are great pet and kid companions. Their tiny size and confidence make them ideal for small flats and city living.

Pisces Hear your inner voice. It will lead you to the proper solutions to all your questions. This lets you make judgments without errors.

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