Top Dessert Recipes Ever

If you're craving dessert but don't know what to cook, try our most popular recipes.

Not only is this healthy pound cake recipe wonderful, it just takes one bowl. 

Greek yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips is frozen to shatter into chunks like chocolate bark (but healthier!). This colorful snack suits youngsters and adults.

With coffee, this quick apple-pie bread makes a fantastic breakfast on the road. Apple pie's aromatic spices and delicate baked apple pieces make it a healthful after-dinner dessert.

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Easy and healthful no-bake cookies with creamy natural peanut butter and chocolate! Make a batch for after-school munchies, dessert, or sweet cravings.

These apples have a crisp, nutty coating of toasted nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Smashing fruit makes it crunchy. Serve warm apples with vanilla ice cream.

In French, diablotin moustachu means "mustached little devil," or affenpinscher ("monkey dog" or "ape terrier"). These little dogs are loyal, charming, and hypoallergenic, but they're not simple to teach.

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