Top 5 Zodiac Signs Without Sin

Pisces Pisces is considered one of the most innocent signs. As Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination, rules Pisceans, they wonder about the world like children. 

Empathetic, sympathetic, and able to recognize the good in people and situations. Being nice and compassionate makes Pisces people innocent. 

Cancer Cancer, the loving and passionate water sign, also symbolizes innocence. These people are emotionally sensitive and empathetic. Like loving parents,

hey protect and care. Cancers are ready to trust people's goodness, which might leave them susceptible. Their innocence comes from wanting to improve the world.

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Libra Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libra, which is innocent in love. Librans naturally value fairness and harmony in relationships. They believe people

Aries Aries, the fiery and active first sign of the zodiac, may seem odd on this list, but their innocence resides in their self-confidence and capacity to overcome obstacles. 

Sag The daring and optimistic fire sign Sagittarius exudes innocence too. These people are insatiably curious and full of life. They appreciate nature and are curious like children. 

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