The Libra daily horoscope for October 30

Mechanical issues and delays will plague short and lengthy trips. You will arrive, but you must be patient.

You might cook gourmet. Cooking with exotic spices, good wines, and fresh veggies is your passion. You may create a delicious dinner for your special someone.

Expect substantial life changes, some shocking. Try not to fight life's current direction.

Your emotions today resemble Niagara Falls. "Extremes" is your game! All about action. You must be called to complete the task.

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Days like this show how much you've changed. You're so worldly and distant from minor things that little surprises you anymore.

Play silly games while no one is watching. Who can you have fun with if not yourself? You don't need to amuse everyone.

Sag The daring and optimistic fire sign Sagittarius exudes innocence too. These people are insatiably curious and full of life. They appreciate nature and are curious like children. 

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