Virgo: Your daily astrological forecast

Sometimes we sit and ask, "Why me?" Maybe you ask yourself this more than anyone else.

Your life undoubtedly feels like an endless roller coaster. You know you wouldn't change it.

Scorpio Scorpio, another intense and determined zodiac sign, is spiritual. Scorpios investigate their souls because Pluto, the planet of alteration, rules them. S

A stressful week at work may be affecting you now. Office politics may have exhausted you more than usual. 

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You try more than others to be organized, yet things don't always go as planned.

As you write lists and print agendas and plans, life might disturb your careful planning. Today you may discover new organizing methods.

. Aquarius The Uranian air sign Aquarius is noted for its innovative spirituality. These spiritual pioneers challenge old ideas and try new practices. Aquarians are naturally drawn

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