The Top Diabetes-Friendly Foods

Choose nutritious, low-sugar, fresh foods. Broccoli first! Low in calories and carbs, it's rich in vitamins and iron. Broccoli has vitamin C, K, and potassium.

They're low in sugar and high in fiber to manage blood sugar. They're vitamin C and antioxidant-rich. Berry-filled ice pops satisfy sweet tooths.

Fatty fish's omega-3 fatty acids cleanse arteries and reduce heart disease risk. Top spinach salad with grilled, broiled, or baked fish or try these easy salmon entrees.

. Greek yogurt contains calcium, vitamin D, and protein to keep you satisfied. Add fresh berries and cinnamon to sugar-free Greek yogurt.

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Serve Apple Spice Angel Food Cake at your next family gathering for a low-sugar treat everyone will adore. For fiber-rich low-fat baking, create your own no-sugar applesauce.

Grill fresh chicken breast this weekend for convenient lunches. It has less sodium and fat than bologna or salami for lunch.

Diabetes patients enjoy crisp, lightly salted nuts. Protein and healthy fats fill you up and stabilize blood sugar.

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