Taurus: Daily horoscope - October 31st

Instead of ruling, care for your people to avoid revolt. Kind words and a sympathetic attitude earn respect, not harsh laws that restrict and annoy.

You are resilient, yet the intensity was too much for you. Now relax, as the next 30 days will be tranquil and gradually sunnier.

People around you may be disorganized. Your kids may lose their schoolwork while you check your checklist.

Today, you may get a career break that gives you extra money. Your luck may need you to work long hours, causing personal issues.

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You may be inspired. You're artistic. Your imagination is strong even if you don't paint or perform music.

Today is about doubts and hard issues that demand answers. If you prefer to meditate, try it longer today to learn more about yourself.

 Leo Leos are royal and crave attention. Leo women exhibit confidence, warmth, and charisma since the Sun rules them. They like to dress dramatically and make a statement.

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