Earth's Peacefulest Dog Breeds

Gentle and friendly, they make great lap dogs. They like humans and animals, especially kids. They're quiet but excited to play.

Active and amiable beagles get along with everyone. The happy-go-lucky ones make great family pets. Despite their stubbornness, they are calm.

Newfoundlands are ‘gentle giants’ of dogs. Families with children love them because they are devoted and patient. 

Despite their intimidating appearance, bulldogs are known for being sweet-natured and calm dogs. They love to spend time with their owners and are content with just lounging around the house. 

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Although Basset Hounds scream, they are one of the most quiet canine breeds. Families and individuals seeking a low-maintenance pet will like their laid-back character.

Collies are calm, loyal, and smart. They are patient with kids and friendly with other animals, making them good family pets.

 Leo Leos are royal and crave attention. Leo women exhibit confidence, warmth, and charisma since the Sun rules them. They like to dress dramatically and make a statement.

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