Christmas Brunch Idea

This French-inspired dessert improved your morning. Fresh strawberries feel and taste best.

With store-bought biscuits, this quick recipe is done in about 30 minutes. Serve with eggs and seasonal vegetables.

Brunch stratas contain eggs, cheese, and toast. For extra flavor, this version has prosciutto, Brie, spinach, and thinly sliced apples.

Imagine Christmas morning with this cranberry-topped feast. Whole wheat flour, oats, and flaxseed make a sumptuous breakfast healthy.

Switch to lean ground turkey instead of pork. With fewer calories and fat, the patties taste the same but are more fragile.

Thus, "Christmas" need not indicate "complicated." Eight ingredients you probably have and 10 minutes of prep time make this "low-stress."

Spread this spiced syrup on everything this winter. Whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, nutmeg, honey, and whole peppercorns give this syrup its gingerbread flavor.

Host an unforgettable brunch by inviting your guests to customize their own pancakes. Here, festive fall toppings like sugared cranberries and pepitas adorn vibrant pumpkin pancakes. 

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