These dogs are the smartest.

Welsh Terriers show initiative and hunting skills when challenged.

Your Purebred Puppy says Old English Sheepdogs are friendly, eager for attention, and thrive around humans.

As a "gun dog" for field game shooting, English Springer Spaniels are obedient in tracking and hunting and make great pets.

The American Kennel Club describes Australian Cattle Dogs as alert and curious Herding Group breeds with a "instinctual ability" to regulate other animals.

Belgian Tervurens, or Tervs, are smart and independent. If not trained, their intellectual self-sufficiency can bring them into danger, according to the American Kennel Club.

Border Collies are legendary herders and the American Kennel Club says they are agile, balanced, and hardy.

Golden Retrievers work hard, hands down. According to The Smart Canine, they are the fourth brightest dog breed for obedience and working intelligence.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are trainable, although they don't enjoy sudden changes or severe demands.

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