The weirdest dog breed

Peru declared its sole native dog breed, the Inca Orchid, a National Heritage.

The Hungarian shepherd, or puli, has mop-like fur that accumulates in cords like dreadlocks.

catalburun means "forked nose" in Turkish. The drooping ears of this uncommon species are also shaped.

Bergamasco sheepdogs have amazing coats.

Borzoi, or Russian wolfhounds, are noble and disdainful. This breed is very stubborn!

China has traditionally regarded Tibetan mastiffs a sign of riches, with puppies selling for over $1 million.

The Bedlington terrier, with its sheep-like coat and alien-shaped head, is perfect for hunters and busy families.

Caucasian shepherd dogs aren't strange—just big! Despite appearing too enormous to exist, they're lovely as a bear cub! One of the oldest dog breeds, this is interesting.

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