Simple Food Swaps for Better Eating

Using lettuce instead of wheat tortillas is a simple method to minimize carbohydrates. These lighter wrappers may hold any meat or veggie filling.

Replace rice with cauliflower rice to save carbohydrates and calories and add vegetables. Crush a de-leafed cauliflower in a food processor.

A robust blender can combine frozen banana slices into soft scoop “ice cream” with no additional sugar and less than 100 calories per scoop.

Add cream cheese and smoked salmon to fresh cucumber for a crisp, fresh cocktail blini with 20 fewer calories than flour-based blini.

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raggs Nutritional Yeast (sold at Walmart) is a low-sodium, mildly cheesy spice that can replace salt.

Choosing brie over cheddar in a 45g cheese sandwich saves 33 calories. While Brie has less calcium, it has more folate, which can help battle weariness.

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