These Dogs Are Ideal Guard Dogs

He's no small lap dog, despite his lovely looks. Tibetans called the Lhasa apso “Bark Lion Sentinel Dog” because it guarded monasteries with mastiffs.

Military and police utilize Boxers because they are fearless, protective, and robust guard dogs. Well-trained boxers will stop intruders, unlike Lhasas.

German Shepherds, like Boxers, are brave guard dogs. They need a lot of attention yet are bright, trainable, and loud when needed.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge, powerful dog that dominates invaders. You'll pay top price for this extra-large buddy if you find one in the U.S.

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The strong, courageous Akita, bred to fight boars and bears in Japan's forests, is the perfect security dog. 

Puli herders are protective, especially around youngsters, despite their mop-like appearance.

 Capricorn Saturn rules discipline and responsibility in Capricorn, the tenth sign. Capricorns are hardworking and determined. They remain focused and resilient under duress like 

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