Which dog breed corresponds to your zodiac sign?

Doberman Pinchers exemplify Aries dogs. Dobies are brave, daring, forceful, and ready for anything.

A Basset Hound is the Taurus of dogs. Sniffing is their main activity, like Taurus. While stubborn, they're patient, devoted, quiet, lovely, and appealing.

Dog breed Jack Russell Terrier is Gemini. Like Geminis, these energetic canines are smart, curious, and quick learners.

The Newfoundland, dubbed the "nanny dog," is a gentle giant who is kind, sweet, and happiest when with their family.

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Golden Retrievers are dog Leos. Their royal golden coat and neck feathering resemble the lion, the class Leo sign.

Bloodhounds are dog Virgos. Bloodhounds, like Virgos, work hard and stay on task.

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