Full List of Rare to Common French Bulldog Colors

Standard French bulldogs are brindle with a “tiger stripe” pattern. There are black, brown, tan, blue, and gold in these dogs. Some pups have white chests or markings. Brisé Frenchies can be very dark, very light, or anywhere in between depending on the base coat hue.

The brindle and white Frenchie has white markings. These white spots can appear anywhere on the coat, but usually on their chests. Their size and form vary.

Black brindle Frenchies are rarer. The black coat has fawn streaks.

Cream Frenchies have off-white or ivory coats. Creamy borders may be on the ears. A fawn recessive gene causes the color.

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Common French bulldog hues include fawn. Beige to light tan like a juvenile deer (fawn) to golden or reddish tan. Some comparable variants follow.

Like fawn Frenchies, but with white spots. The base coat is light to reddish brown.

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