Top house-friendly dog breeds

Ceskies (derived from "Czech") are playful, curious, and easier to teach than most terriers. The Czech national dog is lively and laid-back.

Skye terriers, known for their loyalty and calmness, make great couch companions but thrive from long, unhurried walks.

Though little, Dandie Dinmont terrier puppies are proud and confident like big dogs. They love each other at home and only need a few good walks.

Though short, Sussex spaniels are sturdy, low-built, happy, and less energetic than other spaniels.

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Glen of Imaal terriers are charming, scruffy, and natural. They are curious, exploratory, and refreshingly vivacious due to their working farm dog background.

Affenpinschers, or "ape terriers," are confident, curious, and playful. Their famed silliness will keep you smiling at home.

Field spaniels are large dogs, standing 17–18 inches at the shoulder. These smart, mild-mannered pets love to please their owners.

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