Rare Dog Breeds You May Not Know

The uncommon New Hampshire Chinook was produced as an all-purpose sled dog in the early 1900s. Once, only 28 of these dogs remained! The state dog of New Hampshire is the Chinook.

The puppies were named for their puffin-hunting heritage. This breed is remarkable in that it has six toes on each foot and one less tooth on each side.

These huge scent dogs are equally good on land and sea. Their webbed feet are uncommon among hounds. Developed to hunt otters, this breed makes a fantastic family pet.

These massive scent hounds are wonderful on land and sea. Webbed feet are rare in hounds. A great family companion, this breed was developed to hunt otters.

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The biggest French sheep dog is barely unknown outside of France. Beaucerons herd, protect, and are great search and rescue dogs.

 A Bedlington Terrier! These white shaggy dogs aren't timid. They hunt well and protect ferociously. It was also said they accompanied Romany-speaking nomads in England's Rothbury Forest in the 18th century.

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