Gemini: Daily horoscope - November 01

It's like the planets are teaching you sincerity and humility and removing you from superficiality and social popularity. 

The stories don't ring true for you because you prefer to be in control of your life (or imagine that you are, anyway) rather than go with the flow and accept what comes to you. 

You should turn your future worries into optimism, enthusiasm, and opportunity.

Day may be about discipline and attention. You may need to work hard to implement your huge ideas, even though they're interesting.

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You may shock others with your wildness. You'll feel like bold, wild expression.

You may need to obey a superior. Perhaps your boss is teaching you. Perhaps a parent or older sibling wishes to offer practical counsel.

 Capricorn Saturn rules discipline and responsibility in Capricorn, the tenth sign. Capricorns are hardworking and determined. They remain focused and resilient under duress like 

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