Taste These Amazing Christmas Desserts!

Making gluten-free Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies in one batch with pantry goods is simple. 

This pecan pound cake always turns out great. It's wonderful with a steaming cup of coffee on a chilly winter day 

These cupcakes are the cutest and most festive! Chocolate cake mix and handmade vanilla buttercream icing make these lovely Christmas Tree Cupcakes almost too pretty to eat.

Your kids may decorate this simple gingerbread house bundt cake with frosting and candy for Christmas.

Recipe for Christmas Pavlova. Pavlova has a marshmallow-like middle and crispy meringue top.

This Christmas fudge is easy to make, delicious, and sprinkled with holiday sprinkles.

This delightful cranberry galette requires few ingredients. Cranberries add a tartness to the sweet and delicious flavor.

A friend gave my mom this recipe when I was a child, and it's been a family favorite ever since.

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