Southern Sunday Suppers We Love

I made a spicy one-dish supper using my favorite ingredients—fajitas and shrimp with creamy grits.

Chicken bog is a South Carolina staple with several herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables, but it always has sausage, chicken, and rice. This slow-cooked version is straightforward.

We eat this delicate, juicy roast often since my family adores it. Mixed into pulled pork, the sweet and salty crust is fantastic.

Mississippi produces the most farm-raised catfish. Family loves this dish and requests it regularly. One reason I appreciate it is its ease of preparation.

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Growing up, my grandma taught me how to prepare chicken-fried steaks. My daughters learned, and my granddaughters will too.

After my in-laws called me a Yankee, I wanted to learn to cook Mexican food.

Rotisserie chicken simplifies a diner special on weeknights. Want them faster? Prepare waffles ahead and freeze until supper.

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