Some foods shouldn't be microwaved

Hard-boiled eggs, shelled or unshelled, generate intense steam in the microwave due to moisture.

The egg won't rupture in the microwave, but later, exploding in your palm, dish, or mouth.

Many new moms freeze and preserve breast milk, which is OK as long as it's not microwaved.

A bottle of breast milk can develop “hot spots” that can burn a baby's lips and throat, just like microwaves can with food plates. Plastic warming poses a carcinogen risk.

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Chemicals and preservatives enhance the shelf life of processed meats. These compounds can become more harmful if microwaved

According to studies in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, microwaving processed meats may unwittingly expose us to oxidized cholesterol.

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream originated at the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont, following a note a customer left on their flavor suggestion bulletin board in 1984. It was an instant hit! 

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