Delicious Pasta Dishes That Never Fail

This recipe elevates mac & cheese

 With creamy Velveeta cheese, shredded strong cheddar cheese, bacon, and peas, it's a midweek meal hit and a family favorite.

Amatriciana sauce, another Italian classic, never disappoints.

 A easy 30-minute dish with bacon (or pancetta if available), onions, crushed tomatoes, white wine, and red pepper flakes.

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With fresh mussels, spaghetti marinara becomes exquisite yet easy seafood pasta

Mussels are easy to prepare and go well with many sauces, including marinara. You may save time by using store-bought sauce in this recipe.

Cozy up with delicious spaghetti on cold nights. This one-pot pasta dish is the perfect comfort food with plenty of cheese and French onion soup.

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