Best couch potato dog breeds are calm.

Saint Bernards helped hospice monks find missing pilgrims in the snowy Alps. They are placid and peaceful despite their size. These gentle giants make lazy family dogs with appropriate training and affection.

European short-legged dogs are independent but loyal. Despite its independence, this cute dog will stay by your side with a few easy orders. They prefer couch naps to park walks.

Historic Irish Wolfhounds are huge. They kept wolves out of Ireland in the 15th century. They make great therapy dogs since they're smart and sensitive.

In a gently spicy red broth, this chicken taco soup has corn and black beans. I'm always seeking for morning-to-dinner dishes as a busy parent of three small children

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hile Although fantastic with kids, Boerboels are not suggested for new dog owners. They originated with 1600s European immigrants in South Africa.

French bulldogs are calm, loving, and great pets for elders, kids, and apartment dwellers. They're kind, little, and have lovely ears. They're the AKC's second-most popular U.S. dog breed.

It tastes like it simmered for hours, yet it's ready in 15 minutes. The original recipe lacked taste, so I added corn and bacon pieces.

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