How to Keep the Longest-Lived Cat Breeds Healthy

We want our dogs to live long, even if we know they won't. Some cat breeds live into their teens and beyond, unlike tortoises, who can live 80–100 years.

American Curl cats are friendly, energetic, and loyal pals. They enjoy humans and pets.

Encourage your American Curl cat to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Though cute, their curled ears require special attention.

Sweet American Shorthair cats are amiable and engaging. They enjoy humans but also sunbathing and snoozing.

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American Shorthair cats are healthy, but monitor for hip dysplasia. Your cat may need medical attention if it moves laboriously or avoids leaping.

Abyssinian cats are cat breeds' energizer bunnies. Unlike the rowdy Bengal, the adventurous cats love climbing, jumping, and running.

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