Choose a Cat's Personality

Cats differ despite their same looks. Cat personalities develop throughout time. Warmth, playfulness, vitality, and hunting urges vary.

Cats need less care than dogs (company, walks, training, etc.). As with any pet, some cats need more attention than others.

Cats are better for busy, modern lifestyles than dogs due to their independence, ease of being left alone, and appropriateness for smaller flats and homes

Do you want anything from your cat friendship? Having a shy cat that runs away when you enter the room might disappoint someone who requires a close relationship with their pet. 

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Consider a pedigree instead of a moggie since they are more sociable and may need more human involvement.

Never guess a cat's behavior before meeting it. Breeds are similar, yet individuals vary. You can't deduce from fur color.

A puppy costs $1500–$2000, but a rare-colored mini will cost more.

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