Recommended cats for your home

A great pet for a young household, Burmese cats offer several benefits. First, they're quite loving, especially with family and kids. 

As smart as they are, they often develop novel solutions. Finally, their lively, ‘dog-like’ temperament is well-known

The Siamese, another friendly cat, is known for its narrow-faced aspect and persistent need for attention.

their continual need for care makes them ideal for multi-person households

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As one of the most talkative breeds, Siamese will let you know! They're hypoallergenic and easy to train, which helps.

The American Shorthair is an undervalued cat owner favorite due to its tiger-like facial pattern, just in different colors

If you have an American Shorthair, local rats and rabbits should fear. Though lethal to their prey, they are friendly to people.

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