Rarest to Most Common Pomeranian Colors

The rarest Pomeranian color is violet. Despite the name, these dogs are brown, not purple.

These Pomeranians are uncommon. They have a two-color coat, either black and orange or brown and white.

Blue Pomeranian is actually “light grey.” You shouldn't tell the AKC or breeders that. This color is officially “blue” for some reason.

Sable wolf Pomeranian is another unusual color. Their coat has black, brown, and gray hairs.

Unexpectedly, black Pomeranians are common. They are in most of the country and won't cost much more.

Chocolate Pomeranians are brown and resemble orange ones.

Probably seen an orange Pomeranian. However, the AKC splits this color into numerous tones.

Cream Pomeranians abound. Their cream coat is unmarked.

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