Rare to Common Tabby Cat Colors

One breed of tabby cats appears to have the rarest color. Norwegian Forest cats are the only amber cats.

The Abyssinian breed has several cinnamon tabby cats. Ticked tabby markings on the face and agouti tabby patterns on the body distinguish this cat breed.

The cinnamon cat genes also produce brown. Brown richness and intensity are determined by other genes, occasionally creating a smooth “chocolate” coat. Chocolate tabbies aren't your usual shelter cat.

The pale coat and black stripes of most silver tabbies contrast vividly

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You could assume a cream tabby cat looks like someone squeezed out the red pigment in an orange tabby cat.

Patched tabbies, or “torbies,” are unusual in male cats. Its name comes from the orange and black “patches” in the coat and one of the four tabby patterns.

Both calico tabbies and non-tabby calicos appear frequently in domestic cats. Calico markings appear at random due to the inactivation of the genes that make black and orange fur 

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