How can I stop my cat from clawing furniture?

Declawing your pet is undesirable. The final bone in each cat's toe is removed surgically to prevent claw regrowth. Many experts consider it harsh and can cause biting, litter box refusal, and cat anxiety.

Start teaching your cat early with scratching posts or stands. Kittens scratch at 8 weeks old. Your cat may be wild without destroying your furnishings

Cat scratch sprays fool cats into believing they've claimed their territory, deterring them from scratching. Cat scratching sprays may be bought, however vinegar, essential citrus oils, or garlic and peppermint can be used to make your own!

Cat scratch tape stops cats from scratching leather furniture. It works nicely on cloth, carpet, walls, and doors. Regular tape comes in panels or rolls, and this double-sided adhesive tape may be applied and removed effortlessly.

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Instead of declawing, cats can wear socks or boots to reduce scratching. Some cats like these boots, but if yours becomes upset and continually attempting to remove them, try soft nail caps that adhere to its claws. 

Installing transparent vinyl coverings on furniture where your cat scratches is another solution. These panels include screw pins for simple installation and come in numerous sizes.

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