From arthritis to IBD, cats' most common diseases

Dental disease is the most prevalent cat ailment, affecting 85% of cats over three. Dental disease may not seem like a sickness, but your pet's mouth is vital to their health.

Not only dogs get arthritic joints. Nearly half of cats have arthritis, and 90% of cats 12 years and older have it.

If you've cared for an elderly cat, you know their kidneys deteriorate. About 50% of cats over 15 acquire chronic renal disease. This can also happen to younger cats.

Vets discovered feline pancreatitis is more frequent than thought. People with pancreatitis vomit, quit eating, and have poor energy.

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Cats also get colds often. If your cat is sneezing and running a nose, they may have an upper respiratory infection.

Cats often get heart problems. About 10–15% of cats get cardiac disease. They seldom display symptoms until they get sick.

Hyperthyroidism is common in cats over 10. About 10% of older cats develop an overactive thyroid, causing weight loss, insatiable eating, vomiting, restlessness, constant meowing or yowling, and greasy fur.

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