NFL responds to Deshaun Watson news

Deshaun Watson, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, made a brief comeback from a shoulder injury during their game against the Indianapolis 

Colts on Sunday afternoon. However, Watson was forced out of the game after taking a hit on an incomplete pass and had to leave the field a

again shortly thereafter. And it seems as though his standing is going to be a little bit uncertain going ahead in the future.

During the news conference that Kevin Stefanski gave this week, it appeared as though he was trying to imply that the reason Deshaun Watson was taken out

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As you can probably understand, every hit is going to hurt. However, in my opinion, that was a huge success," Stefanski remarked. 

When they showed the replay of it, it was displayed on the large screen, and I saw it.

In spite of this, Stefanski refused to provide a definitive update on Watson moving forward, instead declaring that the starting quarterback would be evaluated 

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