New AKC-recognized dog breeds

An Italian hunting dog with a muscular frame and thick coat, the Spinone Italiano dates back to 200 B.C. Due to their droopy cheeks, soft eyes and bushy brows make these canines appealing to Americans and Italians.

Polish lowland sheepdogs (PONs) are easily recognizable and resistant to shedding due to their swinging lips and shaggy coats that cover their eyes.

German pinschers are a person's best buddy due to their athletic build and loyalty. The ideal breed is smart, active, trainable, and always ready to play.

True to its name, the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is a sporting breed with an instinct for luring ducks to the shoreline, making those ducks an easy target for hunters 

Toy fox terriers, under a foot tall and full of energy, are charming.

Scientists crossed 17 dog breeds to produce the unique Black Russian terrier. 

Despite its wiry coat and workmanlike origins, the Glen of Imaal terrier is cute and softer than most terriers.

The Neapolitan mastiff is big, yet the droopy-chinned purebred is loving and loyal to its owners.

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