Most Physically Fit Canine Breeds

Eat These Superfoods to Feel Better

Klein states that Chihuahuas, Papillons, and Toy Poodles “may appear dainty but are known to live long lives, though they may have certain orthopedic issues such as wobbly knees.”

Papillons excel in obedience and agility even as they age, Klein adds.

Nelsen adds this breed, originally designed to herd Australian Cattle Dogs, is tough: “They are so athletic and have few orthopedic issues if well-bred.

Klein argues herding dogs like Border Collies and the Australian Cattle Dog—as Nelsen noted—benefit. Herder dogs are sporty and have long, healthy lives.

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Afghan Hounds, with their flowing hair, have evolved to be survivors. “Breeds that have been in existence for thousands of years were developed before veterinary medicine,” explains Klein.

The Pharoah Hounds dogs, who are frequently admired for their hunting abilities, are another of the lasting breeds mentioned by Klein.

One serving (1/2 cup chopped) of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or kale will trim and improve your health.

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