Morning Foods You Should Never Eat

Cereal isn't the best breakfast option. Quite the contrary. Most processed cereals are sugary, heavy in refined carbohydrates, and poor in protein.

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

The smell of sizzling bacon and a pot of coffee will get us out of bed, but bacon shouldn't be part of our daily diet. 68% of bacon's calories are saturated fats, which raise health risks.

when homemade, pancakes and waffles are mostly processed carbohydrates, sugar, and nothing more, like cereals. Wholegrain or banana pancakes with fruit and Greek yogurt are healthier.

The idea that orange juice is beneficial for breakfast is a common misunderstanding. Orange juice from the supermarket offers vitamin C, but it also contains sugar and other chemicals that can cause weight gain, obesity, and teeth disease.

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Regarding smoothies... Store-bought smoothies may look like a healthy breakfast, but they're generally sugary and high in calories.

Coffee is a terrific morning drink, but our bodies require additional nutrients after 6-9 hours of fasting. Coffee lowers protein, vitamins, and minerals and raises stress, anxiety, heart rate, and gastrointestinal issues.

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